Amelia Earhart Aviator Costume

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This Amelia Earhart Aviator Costume includes:
*Amelia Earheart inspired aviator jacket with zip front
Aviator style trousers
White scarf
*Aviator Hat
Aviator Goggles
Additional Information:
Boots not included.
Amelia Earhart was an inspiration to a generation of female pilots with her aviation records. An American icon of aviation, she continues to inspire women to take to the skies, and you can emulate this admired aviator with this smart Amelia Earhart costume.
Size Chart
Medium 8-10years74cm64cm76cm147cm36kg8-10 years
Large 10-12years79cm66cm81cm155cm41kg10-12 years
Extra Large 12-14years84cm69cm86cm160cm45kg12-14 years