Family:Star Wars

A long time ago, in costume shops across Australia, there was a lack of quality Star Wars costumes which we found...disturbing.

The perennial favourite of Jedis across the galaxy (not to mention Wookies and Naboo senators), Costume One is the new hope for those looking to buy Star Wars costumes at a reasonable price and in good quality. With classics from the original, prequel and new trilogies, our Star Wars costumes are perfect for Halloween, birthdays and themed events.

Younglings, Padawans and Jedis alike will find our range of sizes perfect for them. We know that trying to find and buy Star Wars costumes online can be harder than hitting a womp-rat from a moving speeder, and most of them are about as accurate as a Storm Trooper squad in a hallway. But at Costume One, our Star Wars costumes would satisfy even a Hutt's exacting standards.

Only a Sith deals in absolutes, but we certainly don't mean to disturb the Force when we say we have the absolutely best range of Star Wars costumes out there.