Teen Costumes

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Choosing a Teen Costume can be a tricky business, after all, this is the age of being too cool for school, right? At Costume One we've got all the bases covered, so that your teenager can have the pick of the pack and wind up with a costume to suit both their discerning taste and your budget!

Start by browsing the Teen Costume range, you'll find they're immediately attracted to the popular characters from their favourite Movie and Television shows. Game of Thrones costumes? Got it. Latex makeup kits for that Walking Dead style? Check it out. Gamers? Retro costumes like Mario and Luigi costumes or into 64bit and beyond like the impressive Master Chief costume, this will catch the eye of your teen costumer.

Perhaps your teen prefers something a little less pop culture and leans towards Book Character costumes instead - there's a range to see from the classics , with very cute Alice in Wonderland Costumes and Mad Hatter costumes with a modern day twist. We've even revamped the classic fairies, teen-style, with items like the Rebel Fairy Costume, if you don't like to act sweet. Prefer the scarier stuff instead? For a Teen Halloween costume this year try the Friday the 13th Jason outfit... they may not use it for trick or treating but no doubt there'll be every chance to impress at Halloween parties and totes-cray muck up days. Whatever their flavour, you can find a range of hashtag-awesome Teen Costumes to suit their style at CostumeOne.