Hats, Wigs & Masks

Hats off to the ultimateTools of Disguise!


At CostumeOne, our range of Hats, Wigs and Masks will help you to realise your vision of fabulousness where your next costume party is concerned. The icing on the cake, the cream in the coffee - the hats, wigs and masks can sometimes make or break your Halloween costume!

Choose from retro wigs showing off the daggy hairstyles of the 1980s, like the Perm Mullet wig or the Hi-Top Fade flat top. Dress to impress with a Propellor Beanie hat or something a tad fancy like a Bowler or Derby Hat. Gangster hats are always a terrific addition to a suit, spats, and braces, and for a face only a mother could love we have a variety of character masks to bring the character to your costume without the need for a lot of face painting talent. Whether it's a hat, a wig or a mask you're after, CostumeOne has the accessory for you.