Movie Character Costumes

Bring the big screen favouritesto life!


Who can forget Marilyn in her white gown on that grating; Bogart in his trilby and trenchcoat; or Audrey with her cigarette holder, pearl necklace and that little black dress.

Some cinema moments become so iconic that they burn themselves into the fashion landscape and memories - even if we haven't seen the movies in question! Movie character costumes are a classic theme for birthdays, Halloween and other parties, and our range of outfits is full of great movie character costume ideas.

Of course we've got the modern hits as well as the golden oldies, so whether you're going for the John Wayne cowboy look or Scarlett Johannsen in the Avengers, we've got you covered. Mobsters, monarchy, astronauts and chorus girls - Costume One's enormous range is full of great movie character costume ideas for kids and adults.

Be sure to check out our collection from hit movie series like Star Wars and Harry Potter, as well as our other themes like pirates and Disney for more great movie character costumes.