Aladdin Inflatable Blue Genie Costume

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One thousand years in a lamp will give you one hell of a crick in the neck!
This Blue Aladdin's Genie Costume includes:
*Blue Genie Mask with elasticated back
*Flowing navy elastic waisted genie trousers
*Red cummerbund belt sash
*Inflatable blue Genie chest top with battery operated fan
Additional Information:
Shoes and fan batteries not included.
Bring Robin Williams' larger than life genie from the Disney movie Aladdin to your next party and you'll be sure to make some wishes come true. This wise-cracking, hilarious Genie popped out of a lamp and changed Aladdin's life forever. There are perks of wearing this Genie Costume over being a REAL genie of course... Infinite cosmic power!!! Itty-bitty living space
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