Magic Hat Bunny Costume

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You can pull this bunny costume out of a hat in no time!
Magic Hat Bunny Costume includes:
*Soft plush feel bunny bodysuit to waist with stiffened base hoop and bunny feet
*Hood with attached bunny ears
*Collapsible wearable magicians hat with hoop support and suspenders.
Additional Information:
Size information for the Magic Hat bunny Costume:
Hat length when fully extended is 62cm from brim to end.
Bunny bodysuit from shoulder to base is 44cm.
Costume parties are notorious for making last minute purchases necessary but you really can pull a rabbit out of a hat with this fantastic Magic Bunny Costume! It's the magicians' oldest trick, the old bunny in the hat routine...only this time your cute little assistant can be wearing the bunny costume, AND the hat! With a collapsible soft black hat worn under the bunny bodysuit, this kids costume will suit children from 120-150cm tall, as the hat (covering the bottom half) simply folds inwards to accomodate shorter kids, and will swing free up to the knees for those of a taller stature. Either way it's a winner in the circus set.