Dark Knight Deluxe Batman Collectors Costume

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This Collectors Edition Dark Knight Batman Costume includes:
*Full overhead Rubber-latex mask with ears and cowl
*Latex rubber chest armour
*Thigh armour, rubber with ties
*Moulded rubber Utility belt
*Rubber boot-covers
*Ruber gauntlet gloves
*All rubber armour pieces designed to wear over jersey long sleeved shirt and pants with feet (included)
*Long Deluxe cape made from heavy satin fabric with dowl extenders in the ends.
Additional Information:
Costume design features a two-piece polyester-knit undersuit and multiple rubber-latex moulded parts which fasten by a combination of velcro strips and tie ribbons. Mask fits a range of face shapes, best when soft packing used inside forehead and with double-sided clothing tape across the bridge of the nose and jawline.
Look your best in this Grand heritage Collectors Edition Dark Knight Batman Costume. With every piece of this costume featuring extremely high-level detail and quality materials, this costume represents the ultimate in recreating your hero.
Size Chart
Extra Large117cm97-107cm183cm