Zombie Latex Makeup Kit

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Product Details

This comprehensive FX Latex Zombie Makeup kit includes:
*Flesh Tone liquid latex
*Green Zombie Horror skin liquid latex
*Face paint in black, green, grey and brown
*Black face crayon
*Fake Blood
Gel Blood
*Blood capsules
*Applicator brush, sponge and stipple sponges
Zombies, the walking dead, the crazed, flesh-eating, brain-hungry zombie hordes have electrified Hollywood and spawned dozens of apocolyptic films about running for your life from shambling gruesome once-dead family members... recently there's no escaping the Zombie fad!
If you can't beat them you might as well join them - Shaun of The Dead style, by donning your own freaky Zombie costume with makeup and special FX latex to become a horrendous parody of life using this kit.