Scooby Doo Shaggy Costume

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Product Details

This Shaggy Costume from Scooby Doo includes:
*Wild crimped hair wig
*Stick-on goatee beard
*Green shirt
*Brown elastic waist pants
Additional Information:
Elasticated trousers. Wig is styled after cartoon Shaggy hair, wild and crimped, not movie Shaggy hair as shown in the picture.
Refund for change of mind only available while inner wig packet remains sealed.
Scooby Doo wouldn't be brave enough to track down the baddies without his good pal Shaggy! Stay away from the Scooby Snacks when you're wearing this Shaggy Costume, or the rest of Mystery Inc might with they'd left you in the Mystery Mobile!
Just like Shaggy from the original Scooby Doo cartoon, this costume has crazy hair and a slight flare on the pants.
Size Chart
One Size112cm86-97cm178cm